The 808 PureView experience gets even better

Since many of you use the Nokia 808 PureView as your primary phone, here's a short write-up about a few updates that have been rolling out for it. You may already be aware of them through other sources, like allaboutsymbian.comBy Mayuri Mehrotra

Nokia 808 SW UpdatesThe latest are the Email, Calendar and Music updates. The Email and Calendar update is a hefty one (6MB).

I haven't received the update myself yet, so let me take you over to AAS - it brings "enhanced large attachment handling" for emails and "improved calendar events handling." For Nokia Music users, there's "a new compatibility update for Nokia Music."

A couple of days back, an updated Skydrive uploader was also rolled out, through which one can upload their contacts and photos (do remember to select 'Actual Size" for photo uploads from the settings) to their Microsoft accounts.

I do wish the photo uploads had an option to be restricted to WLAN only in the settings. However, since it's no longer auto-upload, I guess one has the freedom to choose when to upload. I transfer my photos to my laptop via USB pretty regularly, so have not used the Skydrive uploader myself.

Other recent updates have been Fix for Messaging, new Homescreen Widgets and 3G Network Compatibility Fix - head over to Nokia Suite or Software Update on your phone and get updating! Marc and I, meanwhile, will wait patiently... as always :-)

(screenshot by Fernando Macá)

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