Stunning Star Trails with Nokia 808 PureView

The Nokia 808 PureView has pushed the boundaries of mobile photography. But there are those who push the boundaries of the Nokia 808 PureView itself. Richard Dorman (@Sheridan01) is one such person, who keeps trying to do something new with his PureView. By  Mayuri Mehrotra.

A master at HDR photography, Richard has been experimenting with capturing star trails the last few days. He writes in his post, "I have always been fascinated with star photography, to me it is absolutely stunning, done well of course. To do Star Trails with a mobile phone does mean some compromises. Compared to a SLR you will have to take many more shots and you will run the risk of greater noise in the images. However from my tests so far I think you can come up with something pretty stunning."

And stunning it is! Here's the result:

Richard Dorman aka Sheridan01

Richard has shared the settings he maintained for capturing the star trails in his blog post Broadly, they are:
- Use infinity focus (if you have it). The Nokia 808 does.
- Set the ISO to 100 and take a shot, can you see the background and the stars, if not then reset ISO to 200 and test again. Continue this until you get an image you are happy with
- Time lapse setting, every 5 seconds take an image, with the Nokia 808 you can set it to take a maximum of 1500 images. This is plenty to achieve star trails. In fact 400+ is enough.
- Flash off of course

But I strongly suggest reading his entire post, as there is much more to it than just these 4 settings. It is clear that one needs a lot of patience to make a photo of this kind - a good location, a lot of waiting (he suggests taking along "something to drink and maybe read" :-), extra charge for the battery and a tripod are a must if you do wish to attempt something like this yourself. And if you're successful, do remember to share the results with Richard (and here with us, if you like).

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