Four cams on Crete: a guest house and trees

During my week on the Greek isle of Crete, I took a large amount of shots with four different cameras (Nokia 808 PureView, Lumia 920, Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy Camera). You've seen my  night shots here already, but most of the shots were made in very bright light conditions, like the close-up flowers I've shared earlier.

I really have a hard time choosing which of the other shots to share - it's too much to share in one post. Moreover, I complicated things by not using all cameras all the time (I was on holiday after all). So I'll make a selection of shots and share those in the coming weeks.

In this short comparison you'll see two scenes shot with all four cameras. Two more or less "classic" scenes: a modern guest house in typical Greek colours, and four shots from some trees close to the Mediterranean sea.

I'm asking for about 1,5 minute of your time to watch the video in which you'll see the results by the Nokia 808 PureView, Lumia 920, Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Camera - in that order. The original shots are used in the video of course. I didn't feel like bothering you with crops this time: all originals are on Flickr, so you can watch them in detail as close as you like.

Note the Nokia 808 PureView shot of the trees is in full resolution, so the detail is way better than any of the other cameras (check the original format). No wonder you'd say, but this is an option you won't find in any other smartphone camera.

If you're interested in the Samsung Galaxy Camera, check the detail in those shots: its power appears to be more in the 21x zoom and (great) connectivity possibilities, than in its 13MP sensor, I'm afraid.

All shots were made in 4:3 to get the best possible result out of each cameras. Enough talk, I'll leave the rest of the conclusions to you. Please choose fullscreen and maximum resolution, 1080p.

On YouTube

Only two scenes in eight shots, true. But there's much more where this came from, and I'll keep sharing the coming weeks. To be continued :-)

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