From Hungary to London for the Lumia 925

After the trip with my family to Crete, I couldn't leave my colleagues alone for two more days, so with pain in my heart I had to decline Nokia's invitation to come to London for the announcement of what proved to be the "Catwalk ": the Nokia Lumia 925.

Soon after I declined, I got some very excited messages from my loyal PureViewClub friend David Detko from Hungary: he was invited to come to London, so my guess is my ticket for the event fell into good hands.

Very good hands even, since David came back with some great footage - not just some nice pictures, but an entertaining video from the trip from Hungary to the capital of the UK. And he captured it all with the Nokia 808 PureView he won in the contest at the PureViewClub...

So it's a joy for me to share it here as well. Being a relatively new member of the Nokia community, I see many people I've come to know in the shots and the video (makes me feel all the more sorry I couldn't make it to London), but I think it will be worth watching the video from his trip anyway - I think you'll find some stunning shots in here!

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