DxOMark: Nokia 808 PureView best, Samsung Galaxy S4 second best smartphone camera?

Camera ratingI just now learned about DxOMark's Mobile Report and its newest ratings on "mobile camera's". Published three days ago, it's not a surprise, but in some way reassuring this site still recognizes the Nokia 808 PureView as the best smartphone camera.

As they write in their review from december 2012: Camera historians will probably reflect back on 2012 as a banner year for digital photography technology. But they probably won’t cite a traditional DSC or DSLR as being 2012’s highlight.

Rather, the Nokia 808 PureView could be recognized as the device that flipped the idea of digital photography up onto its head – its 41-megapixel sensor and other jaw dropping specs helped shrink the image quality gap between smartphone cameras and DSC´s.

The runner-up however, according to DxOMark appears to be the Samsung Galaxy S4. I've shown some shots comparing both already, and I have to say I was really impressed with the results from the Galaxy S4 in these bright circumstances.

As pros, they mention: Impressive detail preservation in bright light conditions; the 13 M-pix sensor shows a significant improvement compared to the best 8 M-pix smartphone cameras. Autofocus is fast and accurate both in auto and trigger mode with little overshooting. Good auto-exposure even with tricky lighting outdoors; Pleasing, rich colors with various types of lighting conditions; Good image quality with flash.

As cons: Significant loss of detail in low light, due to excessive noise reduction. Strong ringing artifacts (over-sharpening halos). Slight color shading noticeable under low tungsten light levels.

You'll find a much longer analysis at its partner site, connect.dpreview.com - just go there to check out their findings. In case you missed it, here is their impressive review of the Nokia 808 PureView (if anything, read the last page with the conclusion).

I copied their top 11, because it offers more surprising facts - as you will probably have seen already. I'm not surprised about the iPhone 5 ending in third place (although I don't have one and never tested it myself) - I know it has a very decent camera.

I'm surprised about the Samsung  Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S III as runners-up. And I'm really surprised by the BlackBerry Z10 ending before the  HTC 8X and the Nokia Lumia 920 (both 66 points) and Sony Xperia Z (only 61!)

For one thing, I would never have tipped the Z10 as a better smartphone than the Lumia 920. So I guess it's time for me to get a few phones out of of the vault at the office and start shooting...

I hope the weather will improve the coming days!

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