Admiring an FT Bonito with the Nokia 808

On my way to do some shopping this afternoon, I suddenly hit the breaks when I spotted a car I've never seen before in my life. I parked my own, started walking around this amazing sports car. In the Netherlands you can tell the age of the car by its license plate, and I this one showed it was from 1972. But what was it? Volkswagen it said online: "Volkswagen FT. Bonito". Whut?

I was taking shots with the Nokia 808 PureView and soon the owner came, enjoying my interest in his gorgeous car. And his father, who explained me about the car. His father was the one who built this car for eight years from 1969 (!) onward, based on a Volkswagen frame from 1972, if I understood correctly. His father explained me quite a few things about this FT Bonito.

Nokia 808 PureView - FT Bonito - 1c L

The car is probably better known as  Fiberfab (check the link for all detailed information on Wikipedia). Bonito is one of the Fiberfab kitcar models, and you could build the car more or less choosing parts whatever way you like. The body of the car is made of polyester (not sure if fiberglass is the exact same material). Anyway, the body has no metal parts, like the Matra Murena you might know.

After driving it for a while, the car stayed in the garage and time passed. When it wasn't possible to drive it anymore, he noticed his son's interest in this FT Bonito, and he gave the car to him. His son - Remko de Winter from Hilversum - spent a lot of time getting it on the road again, and he recently even put a completely revised motor in it - looks brand new, doesn't it?

Nokia 808 PureView - FT Bonito - 6c

You'll see this and more in the next video, compiled of all the shots I made almost dancing around this car - including a little surprise as well :-) It's not an extremely expensive Ferrari of Lamborghini, but I'd settle for this Bonito in a heartbeat. Mind you: in The Netherlands there are only twenty of the FT Bonito left on the road, and this one is probably in best shape.

And remember, if you want to get the best experience, don't forget to choose fullscreen and Full HD! And since I'm used to sharing just about everything, all originals (and a few more I think) are on Flickr as well :-)

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