Nokia’s Jo Harlow: Computational imaging in future Lumia smartphones

Nokia is not content with cramming 41-megapixel cameras into its phones, it is planning to do something insane, Rajat Agrawal writes in his interesting article at After the presentation of the Nokia Lumia 925 in London he set with Jo Harlow and spoke to her about Nokia's emphasize on imaging as USP for its future Lumia range. I'm happy to quote some of his article below:

Jo Harlow says: "If you look at where imaging is going, computational imaging is an area of exploration. Being able to capture even more data — data you cannot even see with the human eye that you can only see by actually going back to the picture and being able to do things with them"

"I think that is a key challenge to bring to a smartphone because computational imaging or computational photography requires computational power. That was one of the limitations in bringing that kind of experiences on a smartphone. Changes in the processing capabilities of smartphones opens it up as an area of exploration”.

Rajat Agrawal concludes: Nokia is going full-steam ahead with its ambition of bringing computational photography to its Lumia smartphones. Nokia has announced it has  invested in Pelican Imaging, which has the technology to bring light field cameras into a relatively slimmer smartphone form factor. Even on the chipset front, Qualcomm’s silicon with Adreno 320 GPU already has the capability to support such features.

And as to what Pelican is all about, he added a video from the company, that immediately shows what will be possible - maybe this year even? You'll find Rajat Agrawal's complete interview with Jo Harlow here.

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