Three sunny shots from the Z10, 808 PureView and Lumia 920, Galaxy Camera and Xperia Z

It's more than a month ago I went on a short trip where I made several shots using four smartphones cameras and one "connected camera". Life has been pretty hectic this month, so I completely forgot about this short comparison, and I was very happy to find all these shots yesterday evening.

You'll see bright and sunny shots from the BlackBerry Z10, Nokia 808 PureView, Nokia Lumia 920, Samsung Galaxy Camera and Sony Xperia Z (I didn't have the Samsug S4 yet, nor the HTC One - still working on a comparison involving those two). I wasn't smart enough to choose for the 4:3 format to get the very best quality of all cameras, but it will give you a good impression of the differences.

I'll present the three different scenes in three different ways: first you'll see a video made from all originals on YouTube. Next (after the break) you'll see all resized versions below. Finally, you'll find all unaltered shots in a dedicated set on Flickr. I'll leave the conclusions up to you. I'm working on several other comparisons, please be patient, it will be worth it, I promiss.

Please watch the video fullscreen and in full resolution (I didn't add any music to avoid discussions with Google about copyrights etc).

On YouTube Boat - BlackBerry Z10 Boat - Lumia 920 Boat - Nokia 808 PureView Boat - Samsung Galaxy Camera Boat - Sony Xperia Z Flowers - Lumia 920 Flowers - Nokia 808 PureView Flowers - Samsung Galaxy Camera Flowers - Sony Xperia Z Harbour - BlackBerry Z10 Harbour - Lumia 920 Harbour - Nokia 808 PureView Harbour - Samsung Galaxy Camera Harbour - Sony Xperia ZPlease don´t forget to have a look at the dedicated set on Flickr!

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