First shots of the Nokia EOS leaked down the assembly line? (Updated!)

It looks like the first shots of the  "Nokia EOS" are now leaked through a Chinese website, WPDang. There's not much else I can do but to copy and the shots that appear to have been made somewhere down the assembly line.

And I'll advise you to check the link and translate the Chinese into English - or whatever language you prefer. You will see shots of what looks like to be the Nokia EOS alone and next to a grey Nokia Lumia 920. You'll see there is a lot of space for the sensor. And you'll see it's yellow as hell.

I'm adding a question mark, since this still is a "rumour". But it's highly unlikely this is a mockup - this really looks like the real thing. I can't wait to see the finished product!







So it looks like this is what it's all about... What do you make of it? Let me know.

Another shot surfaces! And i have to admit this is getting me really excited! Remarkable it says XX MP, where we would expect 41, right? And it looks like @evleaks has a new competitor in @ViziLeaks... I feel quite sure Nokia is disgusted by leaks like these. Still don't get it why there is XX on the lens: could this be a planned leak?


Yes, the last shot is a planned leak: NokiaUSA also shares the shot  on Facebook (via  UKMobileReview)

Nah, it's Nokia4USA - a fanpage, not the official Nokia Facebook page. Sorry, got carried away.

Bam! Another shot. Nokia EOS grazing in the grass....

Nokia EOS XX MP 2

Yet another shot that surfaced 8 hours ago (while I was sleeping... :-) The Nokia EOS next to a BlackBerry... Which makes it highly unlikely that Nokia is behind ViziLeaks...

ViziLeaks Nokia EOS

It's an ugly and usharp snapshot, too. Maybe made by someone who is testing the Nokia EOS already?  Still I don't see why this shot should be the way it is - the other "grass" shots were a lot better.

Meanwhile, do check the shots published by GSMArena. I'll just copy two of the ones you can find there, showing the "hump" on the back.



So there you have it. This is not a hoax. This is the real thing. I. Can't. Wait.

I should add that some are a lot more sceptical than I am... like PocketNow - and for some good reasons, too.

Stephen Schenk writes: "this guy’s starting to look faker and faker. We might not have had any more than an uneasy feeling at first, but check this out – the shadows around the lens itself and the camera bulge don’t seem to match, and suggest conflicting directions for the light source." PocketNow adds the marked picture to proove this point.


Be that as it may, the shots over at GSMArena - from a different source - show the same device.

I'm actually very happy there appears to be a black version of the Nokia EOS. Not just because I have a yellow version of the Lumia 920 already, but for one important other reason... Can you guess why? :-)

To be continued, no doubt.

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