@ViziLeaks started a blog: First hands on mini review of the Nokia EOS

It's sometimes a bit hard to tell if @vizileaks is just pulling our leg in an absolutely brilliant way - or making me insanely jealous :-) Just now they published a mini "hands on review" of the "Nokia EOS" and you will find it here.

They appear to have someone "on the inside", as they write: "although we've managed to get our hands on one, the specs are still a bit of a mystery as we weren't allowed to connect it up to a PC and just got some snaps at our meeting with our insider, even going through the menu and settings, all the specs are hidden.

We have got some screen shots of the software and settings page, but information may be omitted to protect our insider from getting traced, we know you guys will understand. The specs on the web do pretty much some this phone up, we believe GSMArena.com has the closest match to the specs."

Well there you go. I will only share some (resized) shots ViziLeaks is showing, for the rest of their info, check the link. Looks like someone is having a field day with this prototype, and I'm not sure Nokia will be too thrilled about it...

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