Strange video of the Nokia EOS lens in action

ViziLeaks not only has a Twitter account and a blog, now there's also a YouTube account active. As of today (when I was having lunch :) ViziLeaks shares a very strange video of the camera action in the Nokia EOS.

I have no idea as to what to think of it, but it certainly looks like ViziLeaks is teasing us. Why not show more while you're at it? To get more and more attention? If this would ever prove to be a hoax, it's the best I've ever seen. And I wonder what Nokia thinks of all this - but of course, they are not commenting on devices that are not announced (via The Verge and Engadget).

PS Looks like ViziLeaks is based in the UK. Was does that tell us? It used to be where the Nokia imaging department was. Tips, anyone?

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