My thoughts about Samsung's Galaxy S4 Zoom

I never understood why you couldn't make phonecalls with the Samsung Galaxy Camera (not even using a headset), since it has the possibility to put a simcard in it. I have been telling that Samsung on a few occasions (like in Barcelona) and although there is no doubt in my mind they don't really care what I say or write, somewhere in South-Korea they have come to the same conclusion.

So now - much to the excitement of Sammobile (run by Dutch guys as well by the way) there now is the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom - "the first smartphone camera based on Android". I'll share the shot they published (see link for their original post). Galaxy-S4-Zoom

Is this something Nokia has to worry about? Of course - Samsung is the biggest competitor for just about every smartphone producing company. But I reckon is has the same 16MP sensor as the Galaxy Camera, and I've shown already that that is not the best - not better than the 41MP sensor in the Nokia 808 PureView.

Still, it has the optical zoom, and that might be a tough act to follow for the Nokia 808 PureView or future Nokia "EOS". The Galaxy Camera has a 21x optical zoom and I have no information yet about the amount of zoom this last of the S4 series will offer - my guess is it will be somwhere from 6x to 10x. Still, that might be quite attractive to some buyers interested in getting their hands on a smartphone camera.

According to however, it remains to be seen how many consumers are actually willing to buy a bigger device like the Nokia EOS or the Galaxy S4 Zoom. Chris Velazco writes: "who do these companies think we’ll buy these things? I suspect I may be in the minority on this one, but I’ve always though that the camera-first approach that some OEMs fiddle around with is just sort of silly. Yes, there’s definite value in being able to capture compelling shots on the run, but really: do people really care how good their photos look once quality inches past a certain threshold?"

I think people do care about it. We all remember the "megapixel race", and recently HTC wasn't making a big fuss about their new camera technology of the HTC One - they know consumers care about it. The question is whether consumers will want to buy a bit more bulky device, like the Nokia 808 PureView, like the Nokia EOS, like the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom... (below a shot shared by TechTastic)

Much to my surprise, I just discovered TechCrunch even linked to the PureViewClub ( this post in which I quoted AllAboutSymbian), where I wrote about a possible amount of half a million of Nokia 808 PureViews sold between June and November).  And I wouldn't be surprised if Nokia sold about one million of 808's by now - without any noticeble marketing effort, mind you. If anyone can make a calculated guess or has some proof even, don't hesitate to react.

Still, if you know that Samsung sells ten million of the Samsung Galaxy S4 in one month (let alone the Apple iPhone sales), one million in about a year may be impressive for a Symbian device, it's not much. Is that due to Symbian, the lack of marketing effort, or the size of the Nokia 808 PureView?

Probably all three. We can be sure however, that the Nokia EOS will get quite a lot of marketing attention from Nokia (and Microsoft I guess), so that leaves us with the question how popular its size and weight will be. It has been described as "a brick" already (amazing how fast people can jump to conclusions). And how popular Windows Phone 8 will prove to be in the future. In the short term, it's not going to be as popular as Android is, you don't need to be a clairvoyant to know that.

Seen it's size, my guess it that the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom will be considered to be more of an compact camera running on Android that will make phonecalls (and browse the web, etc.) as well, whereas the Nokia EOS is more likely to be seen as a high-end smartphone that can make fantastic shots. One has the optical zoom as an advantage, the other (likely) the 41MP sensor (and OIS?) we all love so much here at the PureViewClub.

But you know me - I can't wait to test them both :-). Please let me know how you feel about the new "competition". Do you know what you would choose already? Or do you stick to your current smartphone anyway - be it a Nokia 808 PureView or a Lumia 920?

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