Rear window: a few minutes on the train to Berlin

Last week I returned from Amsterdam in the international train to Berlin. I know that at the far end, there usually is a door that leads to the next car, but since that is not there you'll be able to see the rails through the rear window. The glass of this window is always pretty filthy, but if you look for a more or less clean spot, you're able to push the lens of your Nokia 808 PureView close against it (and hold it there).

And then you get a result like this - a journey through the past so to say, showing the road taken. The train was going very fast as you will see (nothing was altered in the video), it wasn't easy holding the camera steady.

Don't be afraid to put the volume loud (on your headset  for the best result), stereo Rich Recording will give you the impression you are ON the train after a while - you can even sense the speed (the train must be going about 180km/hour or something). For some more "couleur locale", you can hear train manager "Rene" giving explanation in Dutch, German and English. For best effect, again choose fullscreen and 1080p. I hope you'll enjoy this short trip! :-)

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