"Last Symbian shipments this summer"

This can't come as a surprise to anyone, so it doesn't come as a surprise to me. And still, the news I just read on MyNokiaBlog makes me sad.  FT.com (needs a subscription) reports that Nokia will stop shipping Symbian devices this summer.

We all know the Nokia 808 PureView was the last of the Symbian devices. There was no way escaping that reality and Nokia has never been vague about it either (I don't want to get into a Stephen Elop rant here, I hate pointless rants like that and it's Nokia's decision after all).

But still, even I had some vague hopes that maybe one day Symbian could be the third platform Nokia would keep alive - maybe I was encouraged to think so because of the "neverending" amount of updates of the Nokia 808 PureView. Now we know this device will be history, starting this autumn at the earliest.

Maybe there will be a few more updates, but how long will Nokia update a device they're not even selling anymore? Yes I know I know, I shouldn't get sentimental over this. But as someone loving the quality of the Nokia 808 PureView so deeply I sometimes can't help myself I guess.

But I'm not the only one. In the most recent poll I asked you if you'd buy a Nokia flagship on Android. More or less as a pun I added "please give me back Symbian" - but it turned out 35% of the visitors taking the trouble to vote chose for just that answer... The impossible one so to say.

Flagship on Android poll

Since we're all crazy about the Nokia 808 PureView, it's maybe logical the majority chose that answer. But still: it's useless after all and I guess you all knew that, too. Nokia's best Symbian device ever only survived the production line for a bit more than a year it seems.

So although I'm really fond of the Nokia Lumia 920 myself and waiting for the Lumia 925 (with the extra lens) - and of course the Nokia EOS or whatever it will be called at its release: get your hands on the Nokia 808 PureView soon if you haven't got one already (and you can afford to).

You can also hope to get lucky and grab one second hand, for instance from those upgrading to the Nokia EOS. But I wonder how many will actually leave their genuine "First PureView Nokia".

I know I won't.

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