First comparison: Nokia 808 PureView vs Galaxy S4 Zoom (By Hi-Tech@Mail.Ru)

First I have to pay respect to my Russian colleagues over at Hi-Tech@Mail.Ru for their incredibly extensive review of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom.

You can leave it to the Russian blogs to be the first to get their hands on the newest devices, but I could never write a review like this myself. So first of all my compliments for author  Dmitry Riabinin.

Also, this site published some very interesting shots comparing the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom with the Nokia 808 PureView - which is still King of Camphones, I'd like to add. Since I can't use the Galaxy S4 Zoom yet, I borrowed eight of their shots.

All shots were made in 4:3 format and the Nokia 808 PureView was on Full Resolution (38MP) so it has a much larger pixel count (and size) than the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom.

The method I used is to choose a certain frame from both shots. To share those here, I resized them to ca. 640 width. I will share all original crops on Flickr, together with the eight original shots I borrowed from Hi-Tech@Mail.Ru.

I will present you all results in pairs.
Nokia 808 PureView first, Samsung Galaxy Camera S4 second.

Comparison 1: City

Comparison 2: Tree

Comparison 3: Shades

Comparison 4: Wall

Well, that was quite a satisfying trip, wasn't it? :-)

In none of the comparisons the zoom capacity of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom was used - of course not, the Nokia 808 PureView doesn't have an optical zoom, so you can't compare both. But looking at these shots and crops, I think it's fair to say the Nokia 808 PureView still is the undisputed King of Camphones. By far, even. The details speak for themselves, right?

Obviously, having a 10x optical zoom is the main advantage of the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom. That, its modern OS that is still very much alive - other than Symbian: King 808 is dying, as we know.

It still remains to be seen if the (unofficial) Nokia EOS will offer the same astonishing quality as the Nokia 808 PureView, but I expect it to be the next King. The EOS at least, will be on a strong mobile OS - but it still won't offer an optical zoom. So I guess it will all be op to you: best camera quality and Windows Phone 8, or optical zoom and Android. And: size!

I was quite surprised by the detailed comparisons in size of the devices as well, proving my point that the Galaxy S4 Zoom will probably more be seen as a compact camera with smartphone capacities, than a smartphone with a great camera. To prove my point, I'll share a few of the shots Hi-Tech@Mail.Ru published.

Nokia 808 and Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom 2 640 x 360

Nokia 808 and Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom 3 640 x 360

Now I have no objection against size, really. I just wonder why Samsung didn't get a bit bigger sensor in this device, since it seems to have place enough for it (but what do I know). Now, apart from it's popular OS, its picture quality seems to be fully dependant on its zoom capacity.

I'd like to stress this is all based on the shots I borrowed from Russia (with love :-). I'm still waiting for my own review sample of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom. But my first impression is that Nokia doesn't have a lot to worry about, provided the Nokia EOS will have a camera that is at least as good as the Nokia 808 PureView...

Again, all the original shots I chose from Hi-Tech@Mail.Ru and the original crops I made are on Flickr. Don't be a stranger and tell me what you think :-)

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