Nokia: July 11th, New York - "Zoom Reinvented"

I just learned that Nokia has been sending out invites to the press for an event they labelled as "Zoom Reinvented". I learned so from a post at Engadget.

No, I didn't receive an invitation myself (yet), and since the fact I have to be at the North Sea Jazz Festival a day later, it looks like it's going to be a mission impossible anyway (although, Nokia, pssst, I could maybe ask someone from New York to attend the meeting, if you think inviting the PureViewClub is a cool idea :-)

Zoom Reinvented Invite

Here's the shot Engadget published:

Of course I don't know what will be announced, but to me it looks like "Zoom. Reinvented" refers to lossless zoom like in the Nokia 808 PureView: zooming in on an exceptionally large sensor was a true revolution in mobile photography, right?

My guess is, Nokia is pretty sure not many people know about the Nokia 808 PureView at all - recently, I was in an Orange store in France and not one of the employees ever heard about it, let alone see one.

To the visitors of the club it may be hard to believe, but they were really blown away by the "41MP" qualification written on the sensor: they simply didn't know it exists for about a year.

So this is it, if you ask me, the arrival of the rumoured Nokia EOS. Moreover, there is some "design language" I recognize in the way Nokia communicates "Zoom. Reinvented."

I'm not quite sure what I recognize in it. The choice of yellow, white and black al reminds me of the Nikon logo...

I Am Nikon

But I have to admit I'm not sure... It's like something being "on the tip of your tongue" - I simply can't put my finger on it. Choosing "yellow" could also refer to one of the known colors of the Nokia "EOS", but that might be a bit far-fechted. please don't hesitate if you see what Nokia is referring to in the invite!

There is no doubt in my mind, however, this is about the Nokia EOS, and the way Engadget writes about it ("We've pinged Nokia for more information and will update you as we learn more about this mystery event") I'm quite sure they already know more than they are sharing. Engadget has been very close to Nokia, and I feel I can just read between those lines ;-)

To be continued!

PS: In the reactions below it seems I've been suggesting a collaboration between Nokia and Nikon. I'm not, however. Nokia has been collaborating with Carl Zeiss like forever and we all know that. I was just saying the "design language" of the invitation (Zoom. Invented) reminded me of the way another company designs its advertisements. Like Nikon - and it does have a lot in common - but it might very well be another  company. It is a company that has to do with photography, that's for sure. But which one exactly...? I was asking you for ideas, nothing more, really.

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