Detko Dave - Nokia Lumia 920 - Mirror Dome

I see dozens of great PureView shots every week, and if you follow me on Twitter, you know I'm happy to retweet just about all the ones that impress me. I guesss I should post the very best here at the PureViewClub more often, but I'd need at least 36 hours in one day (like most of us do :-)

I'll make an exception for this one now - it was shot by Detko Dave from Szeged in Hungary, who used his Nokia Lumia 920 for this very remarkable night shot. He tweeted it here today, and I'm sharing a bit resized version below... I think itt's an impressive hommage to the great lowlight capacities of the Nokia Lumia 920

DetkoDave - Szeged - Mirror Dome

If you want to see some more great night shots from Szeged by David, check this map on SkyDrive :-)

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