Where do all the leaks come from?

This morning I wondered how last year Nokia ever managed to keep the Nokia 808 PureView a total surprise. I checked today: even the PR people (here in the Netherlands at least) only learned of its existence the day of the announcement at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Jaws dropped, people were blown away by the thought of a whopping 41MP camera sensor - and by the fact that Nokia still had a trick like that up its Symbian sleave... But practically nothing leaked, apart from a Nokia 803 in december 2011 (source here) - and yes, that must have made a few people extremely nervous after five years of top secret development.

Even my unpacking shots made it to practically all the blogs worldwide: after all excitement following the announcement, still very little was known about the Nokia 808 PureView - even the package was "hot".

But look at all the leaks now. The product shots from @vizileaks, the colorful polycarbonate and metal bodies in shots from China... Where do all these leaks come from all of a sudden? I'm quite sure Nokia doesn't plan all this deliberately. How did they manage to keep the Nokia 808 PureView such a big secret - and why can't they this time? Anyone any idea?

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