Why I think bringing 41MP to Lumia is essential

Well, maybe I had it coming. Although this blog is about the best possible smartphone camera quality first, it's inevitable people will cherish the OS enabling the quality their favorite device is offering them. In other words: I recently witnessed a lot of club members being extremely happy with their Nokia 808 PureView and "not at all" impressed with the upcoming Nokia Lumia offering the same 41MP sensor (as far as we know now)

"Old news", someone even wrote in the many reactions on my  earlier post. Others took the trouble to make a list of all advantages of the Nokia 808 PureView and question whether the next Nokia Lumia would offer those possibilities as well.

You know the drill: stereo recording, pulldown menu, notification light, micro SD slot, micro HDMI, lower power consumption, multi tasking, USB On the go, FM Radio, FM transmitter, File explorer, multitasking, et cetera.

And it's true: that's all on the Nokia 808 PureView (one of the most converged devices ever), a lot of it is not on the Lumia 920/925 and it can be expected it won't be on the next 41MP Lumia device either - although we don't know that yet. For me, it doesn't mean the new device "won't help Nokia at all" like one club member wrote. I believe it will.

I'm really surprised to witness how the "war of the ecosystems" is now tearing Nokia fans apart. I love the Nokia 808 PureView for its brilliant camera capacities, incredible Rich Recording, it's low battery consumption, its flashlight I can easily switch on and the micro SD slot - although the 32GB internal memory never let me down. I even love its design, weight, look and feel.

Also, I still like the Symbian OS a lot - also abroad, since it doesn't need to be "connected" as much as Windows Phone (or Android): you won't feel handicapped when you aren't roaming. But let's face it: the lack of sophisticated apps is a problem (except for the social app Gravity, which is a masterpiece in its own right). And to be honest, I've never used HDMI or USB on the go, really, nor an FM transmitter - but hey, that's just me.

Nevertheless, Nokia bringing this brilliant innovative camera technology to the Windows Phone 8 platform... Yes, that does excite me. Yes, I think bringing oversampling technology and lossless zoom to a contemporary mobile OS will be of great importance for Nokia. Essential, even.

I'd like to remind you that outside this club, not many people know about the 41MP sensor and what it's capable of. I've written before that even in an Orange shop in France no less than six employees never even heard of the Nokia 808 PureView and were blown away by its capacities.

So the 41MP won't be "old news" to the majority of the market. And however I feel sorry to say so, Symbian was the "old news" after iOS blew it out of the water and Android pushed it over the cliff. Of course I'm not glad it happened, but it's just the way it is.

The reason why you hardly ever saw a Nokia N8 on the street is because many people were already playing with their first iPhone. People in general were bored stiff with Symbian after it failed to please the touchscreen desire in the smartphone market. Nokia underestimated that fact. And after Android joined, Symbian didn't stand a chance.

The changes made in Symbian, however cleverly improving its functionality and stability, were all just too late to save the "burning platform". A lot of people may hate Elop for abandoning it, the true fault lies with the managers before him - it sometimes seems so many people love the old OS so much that they're willing to forget about its painful mismanagement before Elop walked in.

Symbian was great and has even become a lot better after its most recent (and probably last) updates. But it just isn't good enough anymore to modern day standards, to fulfill the desire of the mass market - no matter how low its power consumption is. No matter how multifunctional it is. In the smartphone business, you need the mass market.

The PureViewClub is about the best possible smartphone camera quality. The Nokia 808 PureView has been the very best so far. Nobody disagrees with that, and not too many producers really care about it since the 808 runs on such an impopular OS.

Now Windows Phone 8 still is a small platform compared to the Big Brothers. But Windows Phone is growing fast and Nokia sure is showing Microsoft what creative innovation in imaging is (and not just Microsoft for that matter).

The 41MP PureView technology is a rare landmark of true technological innovation. Bringing that to the Lumia range - just like Nokia Maps and Drive - will no doubt make an impression on the consumer in a market that as of yet has no idea what PureView technology really is all about.

That's why I think July 11 will be an important day for Nokia. I can't wait: bring it on!

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