Excited about July 11th? Show it on Twitter! :-)

I'm sure by now all the regulars of the PureViewClub have heard of the forthcoming event on July 11th by Nokia, the invite for which Nokia teases " Zoom. Reinvented."

We're all expecting the best sensor and imaging technology for a smartphone, now housed in our favourite 808, to be unveiled in a Lumia, as Nokia themselves have given us reason to expect that.

41 million reasons

Exciting, right? Well, you can head to Twibbon, where you'll find a way to share your excitement with the rest of the world - a yellow 'ribbon' that reads, "ZOOM July 11" over half your Twitter profile picture. The cause was started by giodelgado today (inspired by @joaoluisc :-).

I noticed it when some of my PureView friends over at Twitter sported the new profile picture, and of course, I joined the cause too! I feel Nokia and PureView deserve as much noise as can be made about such innovative technology.

Are you on Twitter? I would like to see your support for the event as well: Please help support Nokia #ZoomReinvented, add a #Twibbon now! :-)

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