Haters gonna hate

I've been loving mobile photography since it was invented some 10 years ago, and the Nokia 808 PureView proved to be the very best at it so far. That is why I started the PureViewClub before I even owned the device myself - but I had seen what it was capable of at the day of the announcement in Barcelona, February 2012.

And I actually think I'm running quite a positive blog here. The PureViewClub is open for everyone and I always try to be friendly to the visitors. For a year now, I love to share what the Nokia 808 PureView is capable of, not just by showing my own results with it but also - and gladly so - what others manage to realize with it.

I'm also happy to make fair comparisons with other smartphone cameras, also from other companies. I guess I'm even looking forward to the day another brand will be able to show an even better result from its device: competition is inspiring.

Now at first, a lot of people started to complain that the Nokia 808 PureView wasn't any good because of its OS - Symbian was dead, almost impossible to work with, it lacked applications, and moreover the device was too expensive, "ugly" and a "brick", et cetera.

When the next PureView device came, with Optical Image Stabilization enabling people to make much better shots in low light conditions, many blogs almost seemed glad to put the Lumia 920 down as an oversized and overweight "brick". Some didn't even care to see what it could do or why it actually had that size and weight...

Although I was charmed by the Lumia 920, I welcomed a few software updates that seriously improved its picture quality. Still, it didn't give me the same satisfaction as the Nokia 808 PureView did (and still does). But I do like to use Windows Phone 8 a lot more than Symbian, true. Some are even surprised to learn I use Android, too.

So it's no wonder I'm truly excited about the coming announcement of a 41MP camerasensor in the next Lumia. Some visitors here however, use the PureViewClub as their stage to complain about this upcoming announcement, about a device anyone hardly knows anything about...

The criticism has shifted: this time it's bad this device with its revolutionary camera technology will run on Windows Phone 8. And of course, some people still scream that Elop should never have abandoned Symbian - which is the same OS that caused so much criticism on the Nokia 808 PureView, remember?

I'd like to add that talking to various people inside Nokia, I’ve gotten the strong impression that Stephen Elop was instrumental in making the Nokia 808 PureView happen at all. In other words: there would not have even been a Symbian device like the Nokia 808 without him. Not many people realize that.

After its release the Nokia 808 was hardly promoted, true - all marketing effort was for Windows Phone (the Lumia 800 was released about the same time). So even more it became a "niche product", and the PureViewClub started as a "niche site".

With thousands of daily visitors, I'm a proud club owner nevertheless, and I like to keep it clean, friendly and respectful. Different people, different mindsets, different opinions - I really respect that.

But I don't see much use in visiting this club just to complain about an upcoming device we know nothing else about than that it will most likely have a 41MP sensor and run on WP8. I see no use you come here  just to point out your ideas why it will be a failure anyway - be it the weight, the platform or the company's CEO.

Haters gonna hate. We haven't even seen one result from this new device. Not one picture taken by it. Nothing. And picture quality is what this club is all about, right? So let's just wait and see if it will be just as good - or even better - than the smartphone we all love to use so much. Thank you.

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