New poll! EOS - which number is it going to be? (Updated)

Maybe a bit early, but I just feel like closing the old poll. Here are your votes - almost half thinks of the upcoming EOS as "a possible successor" and even 34% say it's their "next Lumia for sure. That's 81% of the voters being interested to say the least - quite a score I'd say?


So the Nokia "EOS" is going to be announced on July 11.... But what is it going to be? Which number do you think Nokia will give the upcoming Lumia? I have a calculated guess, but I'm curious what you think about it, of course! So let yourself be heard, you'll find the poll at the right side of the page :-)


Argh @evleaks spoiled quite a bit of the fun by sharing the EOS will be the Nokia Lumia 1020. I'm not sure this is correct, but - after the Lumia 920 - it doesn't look competely illogical (and we all know the mysterious @evleaks has an impressive track record).

It's crazy maybe, but I never thought of 1020 as a possible number. Don't ask me why. It's still not 100% sure, but I guess this leak took most of the fun out of this poll. Nevertheless, I'll keep it online for a while. The announcement being on the 11th at 11:00 hours, I would have guessed it would be the Lumia 1100.

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