David Detko's shots are now on Flickr too!

Want to see some incredible shots? David Detko realizes a tremendous amount of them with his Nokia 808 PureView, sometimes with the help of an extra lens. He shares his masterpieces (I dare say) on Twitter, on 500PX and Tumblr and recently he added Flickr to this collection.

Dave Detko Flickr

You'll find all his sets here - not just the results shots from his Nokia 808 PureView, but also from his N9, and I'm pretty sure he will add work from his Nokia 5800 and Lumia 920 too (and the trial period with his 820 :-) Nokia can hardly think of a better ambassador it seems.

I'll just share a few more shots here, you'll find a no doubt growing collection on Flickr.

Dave Detko Flickr 5

Dave Detko Flickr 4

Dave Detko Flickr 3

Dave Detko Flickr 6

I downloaded these shots from Flickr directly. You'll find the original sizes there as well. 

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