Post nr. 808 is for... The Myth! The Legendary! The No Less Than Epic Nokia 3310! :-)

Quite a coincidence! With post nr. 808 I can celebrate a next milestone in the @PureViewClub Twitter folllowers. As you may know, I set my goals in Nokia model numbers, and although it was tempting to choose 3210, of course 3310 was a far more epic number - it would only take me some more time.

So recently, @PureViewClub has reached 3310 followers, and I've been looking for a 3310 in mint condition, still in the package, but that proved to be not as easy as I expected.

I spoke to a friend about it, who has an unbelievable collection of Nokia phones (even some I never even seen or heard about). To celebrate reaching 3310 followers, I could borrow part of his collection, and from those I made a few shots with - it won't surprise you - the Nokia 808 PureView.

Nokai 3310 - 3

I took the shots at night in the light of the kitchen lamp - some with flash, some without. I just wanted to share some more or less surprising close-ups of the phone that has become the inspiration of many internet memes.

Nokai 3310 - 4

Here's a selection of the shots I think you might like - not just in its "classic" form, but especially a few with their once so popular colorful covers.

Nokai 3310 - 2

Nokai 3310 - 9

Nokai 3310 - 8

Nokai 3310 - 7

Nokai 3310 - 6

Nokai 3310 - 5

Nokai 3310 - 1

Nokai 3310 - 10

I hope this was a rare chance to see many different kinds of the legendary Nokia 3310... - the phone that is (as you are probably aware of) strong as Chuck Norris!

I could have shared more shots, but I think these were the best I made. Now to me the most important question is what my next goal should be.... At what point should I celebrate the @PureViewClub followers on Twitter? Ive got a pretty good idea - another practically indestructable Nokia - but maybe you can change my mind :-)

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