Flower to the people (III) - comparing the Nokia Lumia 720, Lumia 920 and Lumia 925

I shared flowers from my mother's beautiful garden before - you'll find shots with the Nokia 808 PureView here and here. Yesterday I was there again in pretty good weather (fresh and windy, but finally dry and sunny), and I managed to get some nice shots with the Nokia Lumia 720, 920 and 925. Not all of them PureView, but all of them Lumia and doing a fine job.

Disclaimer Mind you: this is Dutch weather. There was a lot of wind. The subjects (flowers) therefore move a lot more than I would like them to. And: the sun is out, but so are the clouds, so the  light changes very fast. Even on a pleasant day like this, it's very hard to get shots under completely the same circumstances, even if they're taken only a few seconds apart. This explains some of the differences you'll see in lighting, colors and even focus. Don't blame the cameras, blame the weather, blame me if you have to.

Now that I got that of my chest I'm happy to share a few of the flower shots I managed to collect. I limited myself to three of the Nokia Lumia devices, since after a year I think we all know how well the Nokia 808 PureView performs. I've shared quite a few shots from the Lumia 920 already, so to me this is especially about how the Lumia 720 and the Lumia 925 compare to their "older brother".

After a few days of working with these devices, I can only say "wow!" to all three of them in fact. The Lumia 720 really is a bargain for what it has to offer - less internal memory, but expandable, so who cares? It doesn't offer Optical Image Stabilization nor Wireless Charging, and that's why it's so light (you could buy an extra shell if you feel you need wireless charging). The camera might be not as sophisticated with 6.7MP, it performs remarkably well as I hope to show.

The Lumia 925 has a very seductive design and is remarkably light compared to the Lumia 920. The display is even better now being AMOLED - a true joy to look at. And of course it has Optical Image Stabilization and the extra lens (it now carries six small lenses instead of five).

And the Lumia 925 will display your shots the way you actually saw them - let me explain that. With the Lumia 920 and 720 a funny thing happens directly after you realized a shot - you will see the image freeze in just a slighly different way than you saw it when you pressed the button (or touched the screen). That effect is gone on the Lumia 925. Whether it is because of the software, the display or the sixth lens, I have no idea.

Enough talk. I'll show you all shots in a video compilation. The Nokia Lumia 720 first, next the Lumia 920, the Lumia 925 last. Some order goes for the (640 x 480) crops I made from all shots. Also, all originals and crops are on the dedicated set on the PureViewClub Flickr page.

I´ll share three shots here first (resized, of course). I think in this shot you can see the subtle differences between all three devices. Again you'll see them in the order: 720, 920 and 925.

Nokia Lumia 720 - Flowers - 4

Nokia Lumia 920 - Flowers - 4

Nokia Lumia 925 - Flowers - 4

Not in the video are the next shots taken in the town of Veenendaal where I grew up long ago. You'll find these shots in a  different set on Flickr as well. Shots from a new chandelier and an old church.

And now finally, I'll show you the video with the flowers and close-ups. Again, you can find them all on Flickr as well. Please choose Full HD (1080p) to watch them fullscreen. It's only a few minutes, I hope you'll find this comparison interesting enough! :-)

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