Make a donation and get a free cover for your Nokia Lumia 920 (UPDATED)

Do you have a Nokia Lumia 920? This might interest you. In the past few months I've been collecting quite a few covers for the Nokia 808 PureView and Nokia Lumia 920. I learned that posting here is much more my passion than trying to sell stuff (I'm not much of a business man I guess), so here's the idea.

If you make a contribution using PayPal (see the button on the right side of the page), I will send you a cover for your  Nokia Lumia 920 (all I had for the Nokia 808 PureView have found a new owner by now). Your contribution should start at the equivalent of €2 (which it will cost me to send it just about anywhere). More is very welcome of course, but it's totally up to you.

Now here's what is currently left "in stock", after I posted about this:

Nokia Lumia 920 silicon cover transparant: 2 1
Nokia Lumia 920 silicon cover red: 4
Nokia Lumia 920 silicon cover dark yellow: 5

Covers Nokia 808 920 2

When you make your PayPal donation, of course I'll need to know which cover interests you (don't forget to mention that please), and your address to send it to!. Just let me know which one you would like. I'll send it in the cheapest possible way (otherwise it will be way too expensive).

Earlier this year one of the covers made it to Mumbai in India, so I guess it's okay. I can't garantuee for 100% it will reach you, though - you'll have to trust me on this one, and if it gets lost there's nothing I can do about it, I'm sorry.

As soon as I get a donation describing the desired cover, I'll try to update this post as fast as possible.  I don't expect massive donations all of a sudden, so I think I'll be able to please everyone.

So in general this is more like a "thank you for your contribution" than trying to become rich (although I wouldn't stop anyone willing to wire me a fortune :-)

Covers Nokia 808 920 4

So that's it - trying to inspire you to make a donation for my work at the PureViewClub, and trying to get rid of the rest of the covers in my closet. Hope it helps - and if you'd just like to make a donation without receiving a cover, just let me know :-)

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