Snapshots in the dark: comparing the Nokia Lumia 920 and Nokia Lumia 925

Well, this evening it turns out the Nokia Lumia 925 offers quite a bit more when it comes to low-light photography. I went for a stroll in the late evening, which one could call almost dark if it didn't involve a lot of lamp posts.

I brought the Nokia Lumia 920 and 925 and took a few shots in places without lamp posts or open sky, so the scene was so dark I couldn't be completely sure of what I was shooting at all - it just wouldn't show in the display. That kind of dark.

So I could only really know what I got after taking the shot - in "night mode" in both cases (no flash, of course). I'll show you the first three comparisons, in which I took care not to get any lamp post or late evening sky in the picture, so it would be as dark as I could get in this very low, late evening light.

Remember this is not about sharpness or noise, it's about the amount of light you get from a dark situation. You'll see the Nokia Lumia 920 result first, Nokia Lumia 925 second.

Nokia Lumia 920 - 1

Nokia Lumia 925 - 1

Nokia Lumia 920 - 3

Nokia Lumia 925 - 3

Yes, both devices were on "night mode", and I didn't use the flash (you knew that, I just wanted to make sure). I'm amazed - the Nokia Lumia 925 has pushed "Pureview 2" to the limits it seems.

I have one more example for you though, in which there were some lamp posts and some open sky. These were shot after 23 in the evening, which might give you a pretty good idea how dark it actually is. Any bright light however (like the lamp post) will burn your shot in night mode, so in this case I didn't use it.

Again, Lumia 920 first.

Nokia Lumia 920 - 4

Nokia Lumia 925 - 4

As you can see, both Lumia's are very well capable of capturing dark scenes like this - even without "night mode". You may argue that with allowing less light, you'll capture more of the atmosphere of the original scene. True, probably, although it can be very nice to have something more in your shot to work with.

What I wanted to share is not so much about "as close to reality as possible", but "how much light can you capture with your Nokia Lumia 92x". I think these shots show you Nokia discovered new ways of achieving this in the new Lumia 925. I'm not sure how: the sixth lens? Software? It's a specific combination of hardware and software for sure.

Looking into detailed crops however, it's not very hard to pick the winner from the last "not in night mode" shots: Nokia Lumia 920 first, Lumia 925 second. I've put all original shots on Flickr, enjoy! :-)

Nokia Lumia 920 - 4 - crop 640 x 480

Nokia Lumia 925 - 4 - crop 640 x 480

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