Nokia Lumia 920: (how-to) give me the night

Although it's absolutely amazing how much light you can actually capture at night with the Nokia Lumia 920, it can be said that it doesn't really reflect the "night atmosphere" - some shots even look like they could have been made in the afternoon (although the burning lamp posts would still give them away).

Anyway, if you don't want so much light in your shot, just adjust the exposure value in the settings - it's easy and you'll see what it does to your shot. Here are a few shots I made around 23h last evening. First here's a difference between settings on auto and next exposure value set to -2.

You see it's actually very well possible to keep the night atmosphere. And you can play with it even more of course. Here's a scene you've seen earlier, now in four shots from exposure on auto (so "0") to -2 step.

Lumia 925 - Nightshot 6- -2 step

And afterwards, you can choose the shot you like best. I know all of these shots aren't masterpieces - it's just to show how to get the night back in your shot if you want it there :-) I added these shots to a set I created earlier on Flickr if you want to get a closer look.

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