Nokia 808 PureView - Night video from India

It is through Abdul Rehman that I learned about this remarkable video. It's a short and shot in black and white, during an event in Southern India. It's called Sri (or: Sree) Muthappan Thiruvappanna Mahotsavam. I had a hard time to find out exactly where this took place and what it's  all about: I found some information on Wikipedia, maybe you can add another useful link below.

Anyway, this is about extreme low light conditions, and what you can achieve with the Nokia 808 PureView. I found the original post over here at YlpRambles, from which I quote:

This was shot at night in bad lighting conditions. The black and white was an artistic choice, I liked it better this way. We were not expecting anything great. We just happened to be there and I had my Nokia 808 PureView and thought I will record something using this.

I was there with my friends who are also co-writers of this blog. We had a Canon 5D Mark2 with us but I stuck with my 808. It was an absolute pleasure to use. Boy Oh Boy, never thought shooting with 808 would be so much fun. Gives our DSLRs a run for their money. Its discrete, its tiny, it has amazing Picture and Sound quality.

I don't think I have much more to do than just to embed the video. The music might be quite something different than you normally listen to, I hope you'll enjoy it - and the quality of the sound - nevertheless :-)

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