Nokia Rich Recording an evening blackbird

This is no doubt the most boring video you've ever seen. Just the top of a tree, even the sky is blown-out. So why would I be sharing this result from a Nokia 808 PureView? It's just another way to show you what Rich Recording is capable of - that "other feature" (apart from oversampling and lossless zoom) I really hope we'll find in the next Lumia flagship as well.

I've shared several times that the amount of sound the Nokia 808 PureView can record without distortion is amazing. This is different though - this is more about silence I guess. And the music from nature itself.

This evening after dinner, I noticed a blackbird singing in a tree in my garden. It's probably the same guy that likes to sing in what Paul McCartney called " the dead of night" (one of the most incredible songs ever, I recommend Raul Midon's version too).

Anyway, this is not about the Beatles' song, but about the classic blackbird. I just put my Nokia 808 on recording and left it at a table in the hope I wouldn't frighten him. It worked.

You'll hear it singing in this video, like you will hear several other things (children playing, a small plane in the distance). The video is absolutely boring, I hope you'll enjoy the sound the Nokia 808 PureView recorded "rich". Best experienced using a headset on pretty high volume... :-)

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