Experimenting with Nokia Smart Cam

Nokia already shared some spectacular shots realized with the Nokia Smart Cam app that comes with the Nokia Lumia 925 (and will come to the Nokia Lumia 920 with the Amber update later this summer). Shots like this one you've probably seen already, realized with "action shot":


But using Nokia Smart Cam isn't always easy - for one thing you'll need some interesting action in front of you, and second, its speed needs to be just right, like your timing!

Now might you know I'm a little hesitant in making shots of other people and share them on the internet, but I have permission to share this shot of a young girl on her unicycle. First the resized version of the "motion focus", nex a crop of the same shot.

You can see you can get quite some "speed" in your shot using "action shot" - and cropping helps as well as you can see.

This morning I experimented a bit more. First with a colorful 1985 Chevrolet Camaro slowly driving by, next with a few roses. From the Camaro, you'll see two of the "best shots" first, then the "motion focus" and than the "action shot" of the car passing.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

Like I said, the Camaro was driving by slowly, but you can give the impression it was speeding using "motion focus".

Using "action shot" you can only use about three shots with a car passing - when you use more it will look like an unsharp colorful fence in the road. So here you'll see three shots of the car combined using Nokia Smart Cam.

Now the three shots from the roses - one shot I chose as "best", one using the slight movement in the wind to create a funny effect with "motion focus", and one completely blurred image using way too much in the "action shot" (showing all of its movement in fact :-)

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

The funny thing is, with a small subject like a rose, you can still recognize it no matter if you combine 10 shots of it.

Anyway, fooling around with Nokia Smart Cam can be lots of fun. Of course you can still "change faces" in a group portrait, or remove someone you didn't want in your shot (provided he or she was moving). I didn't get to test that yet - I hope to have the chance soon.

One more thing: I noticed Nokia Smart Cam only lets you shoot in 16:9 format. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but it makes me look forward to Nokia Pro Cam as we know we can expect in the soon to be announced next Lumia Flagship (EOS, Elvis, 1020, 909, whatever). To be continued, no doubt.

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