Dream Theater – The Count of Tuscany, cover recorded with the Nokia 808 PureView

I used to play guitar when I was much younger - acoustic and electric - but as Olivier Noirhomme ( @MusicAddict1 on Twitter) writes: "the years passed and I began to play less because of work, social life, etc. It’s kind of sad to have less time for a passion but it probably happens to each of us." I certainly can relate to that.

The quote comes from  this post, in which Olivier Noirhomme writes about a conversation he had with his Twitter friends about recording their music with the Nokia 808 PureView - since Rich Recording offers such an incredible sound quality. After this idea, he needed to practice and practice his guitar playing a lot - and to think about what song to record.

He chose for a song by Dream Theater: "I chose the song “The Count of Tuscany” from their 2009 album Black Clouds and Silver Linings. It’s an heavy song but not that much, for me anyway. It may be too heavy for some people though. The point was to play something I like, something challenging and something to test the phone. A little acoustic guitar is easier to record than a huge electric guitar sound."

Before I share the video, this information is important. Olivier writes: "I recorded several videos of me playing from different points of view and then I recorded the sound of my guitar separately by placing the phone in front of the amplifier, like a microphone in a recording studio. I edited everything together in a video editor. Obviously I only recorded the sound of my guitar with the phone. The other instruments come directly from the music files."

Again, you can read the whole background story of this recording here. It's my pleasure to share his recording. Pump up the volume, use your headphone if you like your neighbours and enjoy Olivier's incredible guitar playing - and the way the Nokia 808 PureView managed to record the sound of his amplifier.

You'll hear the sound of an ESP EC-1000 VB guitar running through a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier, to be precise, and if you didn't know the sound that produces, you will soon :-).

Meanwhile, I can only wish I was ever able to play the electric guitar like Olivier... It's great to witness how the Nokia 808 PureView revived his apparent passion for music!

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