Joe Belfiore wins a medal: first Nokia Lumia 1020 shots online.

I feel quite sure some people aren't exactly thrilled about Joe Belfiore's Flickr account. End of June he appears in some shots made with the Nokia Lumia 1020 (as the EXIF data show) and he was clever enough to share those on Flickr as well - here and here.

Someone was bound to find out these shots were made with the new Nokia that is not supposed to exist, and Engadget was the first (no surprise there). Anyway, here they are, the very same shots you'll find on tons of other sites as of today. They will go into history as the first shots shared from the Nokia Lumia 1020, and I'm not disappointed at all :-)

Joe Belfiore 640 x 360

The first shot (above) is originally 2947 x 1658 pixels - about 5MP. It's not possible to download the original size at the moment - probably removed from Fickr. The second one is 2352 x 1568 pixels, a 3,7MP shot). Here's a resized version:

DONE! 3rd Marathon in 3 Countries in 6 months! WOO HOO!

From the original I cropped  640x 480 pixels, just for fun :-)

DONE! 3rd Marathon in 3 Countries in 6 months! WOO HOO!

For a 3,7MP shot, that certainly is promising I'd say! Congrats Joe, you've shown the first shots! :-)

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