Back to the Future: the Nokia Mobira Talkman

I have to admit I'm looking forward to tomorrow's announcement in New York so much that I just need something to get my mind of it. My guess is you're in the same situation, so how about a blast from the past to distract all of us? Like from seriously long ago? Where it more or less all began?

This post is about the Nokia Mobira Talkman from 1985. Here's a commercial from that year (it's amazing to see how much commercial have changed since then, too). It's promoting the use of an (incredibly expensive) carphone... Those were the days!

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The Nokia Mobira Talkman wasn't the first carphone - that was the Senator from 1982. That was no less than 21 pounds, so the Nokia Mobira Talkman appeared to be a lot lighter - with 11 pounds only, 5.5 kilograms, including the enormous battery!

I borrowed this device for a few shots from a friend, the one who owns a remarkably colorful collection of the Nokia 3310 as well ( the Myth). Unfortunately this Mobira Talkman is not in mint condition, but it will give you a very good impression of the mobile device you'd have to work with back in those days.

The shots below are made with the Nokia 808 PureView (no surprise there :-)

2013-07-10-5687 2013-07-10-5685 2013-07-10-5682 2013-07-10-5677 2013-07-10-5679 2013-07-10-5668 2013-07-10-5663 2013-07-10-5689




Back in in 1985, I was way too young for an expensive device like this. How about you? Did you drive and make calls with this? Did you carry this weight around after a ride? Did your father (or mother)? This is the same year the movie Back To The Future was released by the way. Another timeless masterpiece, but not as heavy :-)

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