"More than your eyes can see" - see for yourself with the Nokia Lumia 1020

No, I don't have the Nokia Lumia 1020 yet - I could just play around with some prototypes from which I made the product shots you've seen earlier today. I can't wait to try the Nokia Lumia 1020 out myself, but before I can, I'll have to be happy sharing other people's results.

Like this one (taken from this post at Nokia Conversations)

It's a very effective shot from a pair of sunglasses lying on a table, facing  the famous Flatiron (or: Fuller) Building, one of the first skyscrapers in New York (from 1902). The original size of this shot is 7712x4352 pixels  (34MP in 16:9 format). Here's the resized version (640 x 360):

New York sunglasses bokeh 640 x 360

Now how about the "more than your eyes can see" slogan Nokia introduced? I've written already it has become an inspiring habit  of Nokia 808 PureView owners to share unexpected details from their full-res results. This is quite a fascinating example I think

I could crop 'till I drop on the original shot, but I will just share one detail I would absolutely have never seen without it.

I'll stick to the 640 x 360 size, which now will tell you the brand of the sunglasses, as written on the left glass... Just a crop from the original shot, not changed in any way.

New York sunglasses bokeh - carrera

If you never really got Nokia's "more than your eyes can see" slogan, I'm pretty sure you get it now :-) Already with the Nokia 808 PureView, this never ever failed to amaze me... If you like stuff like this, please don't hesitate to share - it's what the PureViewClub is all about! :-)

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