Zoom, as invented with the Nokia 808 PureView

Just a short post to demonstrate the amazing zoom capacity of the 41MP sensor as we will see in the upcoming Nokia Lumia 1020, but we of course already know from the Nokia 808 PureView. You might have read I'm working at the North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam this weekend, and I from there I'll share this shot from the audience in the sun.

Do you see this cool dude?  Audience North Sea Jazz 2013 dude crop

Well, he's in this shot... here's a resized version (640 x 360 pixels)

Audience North Sea Jazz 2013 640 x 360

See him? No? Go look for him in the original 34MP shot I shared on Flickr (watch out, the link opens the 11MB original :-)

You know I'm normally not so easy in sharing shots from other people - and there must be a few hundred strangers in this shot. So I really hope none of them mind I borrowed their presence at the North Sea Jazz Festival for this little demonstration :-)

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