A lighthouse at the French Côte Sauvage

I have so many shots to share I don´t know where to begin. So I'll just start with my shots from the “ Phare de la Coubre”, a French lighthouse at the Côte Sauvage (“wild coast”) near the town of Royan at the Atlantic Ocean. It’s a dangerous coast indeed and not just for ships – last weekend the sea took the lives of no less than sixteen (!) people in this region...

The lighthouse was built in 1905 and is 64 meters high, the main lamp (it has two in fact) is 1000 Watts strong and reaches for 28 miles (52 kilometers). It has 300 steps and of course I climbed them all, in the company of the Nokia 808 Pureview and the Nokia Lumia 925.

In this post you will not so much see extensive comparisons between the two, but a selection of shots I think you’ll simpy like the most. But first a simple shot of the lighthouse itself, to give you a general idea what this post is about.

Nokia 808 PureView - Phare de la Courbe - 12 PVC

And this is what you will see when you are standing in line, really close to the lighthouse - they will let no more than 19 people in at the same time which means that you might have to wait up to an hour or so - depending how many passionate photographers are inside :-)

Now, let's go inside... This is what you'll see when you look up from the bottom... A dazzling view I'd say!

Climbing the stairs, about halfway you'll see the second lamp, to guide the ships that are closer at the coast.

 With the Nokia 808 PureView, i got pretty close to the heart of that powerful lamp...

And once you've managed to run those 300 steps, this is the last staircase leading to the top - it's a very dark room, so this was an easy catch for the Nokia Lumia 925

Nokia Lumia 925 - Phare de la Courbe - 11

And once you've climbed this one, you'll see the luscious red wall protecting the visitors from falling 64 meters...

And this is a hole in that red wall, a shot I took using the HDR App on the Nokia Lumia 925. Amazing how much detail you can capture that way!

And this is what you get closing in on the top of the lighthouse... You can't visit there, so I couldn't capture the biggest lamp inside.

Right under the top of the lighthouse, so at the end of the round stairs, they somehow managed to put this thing in... roughly 60 meters from the floor... I wonder how.

Nokia 808 PureView - Phare de la Courbe - 9

And holding my Nokia 808 PureView at just about the same hight, this is what it captured... Another dazzling view, isn't it?

I'll make it even a bit more dazzling using the HDR App on the Nokia Lumia 925...

I've got many more shots where these came from, and I will share them all on Flickr as soon as I have a proper WiFi connection (which will be at home, probably). I'm on a mobile connection now, and although I'm only paying 1 cent per MB, you can imagine it can get quite expensive to upload all full-res originals (apart from the time it would take me).

So that's it for now, my short trip to the Phare de la Coubre, a in more than one way still very important landmark in France. Don't hesitate to let me know what you think of these shots :-)

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