Testing the Nokia Lumia 920 in Mumbai

Through Nokia Connects, you can get your hands on a Nokia Lumia to try it out. I was lucky enough to receive the Nokia Luimia 925 and be able to test it for a few weeks (you've seen some shots already and my review will follow somewhere soon).

PureViewClub member and friend Mayuri Mehrotra has been posting a few times here, and she asked Nokia Connects to test the Lumia 920 for a while. I'm happy to share this review by Mayuri Mehrotra.


For regular visitors of PureViewClub, the Nokia Lumia 920 is not a new device to read about as Marc has had one with him for quite a while now (see his extensive review here). So I will keep my review of the device as short and simple as possible.

I got the 920 for trial thanks to Paul at Nokia Connects ( https://twitter.com/nokia_connects) and I must say I have really enjoyed my time with it. The first thing that struck me was the screen - WHAT a screen! Smooth, sharp, very responsive. I think the first couple of days I was grinning like an idiot whenever I picked up the phone.

And for all those who think the 920 is as heavy as a tank and such, please look up the dictionary. The 920 felt comfortable to hold - if I’m even slightly careless with my 808 it kind of tips over. Only one issue here: I got a white 920 for trial, and after using the E7 I pretty much vowed to steer clear of slippery backs. I also prefer the USB port on the top of a device.

I’m also not going to write much about the OS - to each his own. I found the phone easy to set up and very snippy to use, the WP OS for me is a breeze. But for some things I found it too simple, I mean, why does one need an app to view photo info?! Or, why can’t one set up a time period to fetch mails? Also, the Settings menu seemed too wordy to me, could do with some icons maybe?

And now for the camera. I must admit, I approached this aspect of the 920 with a faint bit of cynicism. I’m no photographer, but the 808 just spoils you. But I was pleasantly surprised with the results. I’m more of a day person, so really wanted to test the camera for daylight on Auto, and less for low light. Unfortunately, it rained almost non-stop throughout the trial period, so there are very few photos that I could take, and even when I did, it was overcast and the light wasn’t that good.

This is my favourite photo:


I simply love the blue of Dizzy’s eyes. I was concerned about over-saturated colours, but this photo is on Auto, and the camera, I think, did a great job keeping it real.

In this one, you will see that it captures a great amount of detail, but can clip the highlights (nothing a bit of tweaking of settings before clicking can’t fix, but I wanted to use the camera-phone as a click-happy person, not as someone who enjoys and takes time to make photos):


For me, the 920’s camera seemed to excel around twilight. This is a photo I took on the 808:


Here’s the same on the 920:


As for night shots, I think there is so much pollution in Mumbai’s air that it hampered the camera from taking a decent picture. This is what I got on the first attempt, all settings on auto:


Thankfully, this was easily fixed by adjusting the ISO to give a more realistic result:


Here are some other shots that I really like. I mostly used the shutter button for capturing, just to have OIS in play all the time:









You’ll find more of my photos on Flickr (they will be uploaded to the PureViewClub photostream on Flickr later as well). I also recorded a video to sample Rich Recording, and again, was impressed, you'll find it here. And here’s one more video, handheld.

All in all, I found the phone fun and simple to use, its camera easy and able to deliver very nice results. It may get White Balance wrong in daylight, and over-expose at night, but both can be handled by the settings. Coming from the 808, I missed zooming to frame, but then one must remember that is only possible with a handful of camera-phones :-)

I do wish the premium Nokia Lumia phones were as feature-rich as the Symbian Nokia phones. For example, I’ve really got used to using HDMI out on my 808, and as far as I know, the Lumia phones are not even MHL-enabled (I hope I’m wrong).

Even something as basic as FM Radio came to WP so late. I hope that sooner than later, the Lumia phones catch up to the level that Symbian users take for granted, and at least in the camera, maps, and music departments we can already see great strides taken by Nokia.

Review by Mayuri Mehrotra, Mumbai

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