Nokia Lumia 1020: some incredible shots!

Well to be honest, at first I didn't believe my eyes. The quality of the shots Daniel Cheong realized with the Nokia Lumia 1020 looked far too good to be true. And yet: they appear to be genuine... Yes, after post-processing, but you'll need fantastic stuff to work with to get results like these.

I don't have his permission (yet) to publish his shots here, so out of respect I will only provide you with the links. I hope mr. Cheong doesn't mind me using a resized screendump of one of his shots, to make sure you will click on the links below.

Daniel Cheong - Vertical Panorama

You'll find the original of this shot here on Flickr.
Here is another shot that is defintely  worth seeing, and don't forget to click this link either.

You will find more shots of Daniel Cheong here on Flickr and at Getty Images.
And you can follow Daniel Cheong on Twitter, like I started to do from today.
No surprise, he's on Facebook, too.

If this is what the PureView technology of the Nokia Lumia 1020 is capable of, we are in for some really serious fun the coming months or even years, although I would have no idea how to ever realize shots like these. That's what the world needs true artists like mr. Cheong for I guess, and I'll just use them as an inspiration.

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