France in HDR, with the Nokia Lumia 925

Some people don´t care for HDR very much – frankly, I used to be one of them. But I’ve been enjoying it’s effect on the Nokia Lumia 925 quite a lot lately. This post is dedicated to the best shots I recently created using the HDR Photo Camera on the Nokia Lumia 925.

It’s not an app by Nokia by the way, and I must admit it sometimes even restarted the phone, which of course is quite annoying. I’ve learned that an update on the Nokia Lumia 1020 now offers bracketing too (and added a “portrait panorama” mode!), so it’s a matter of time before we’ll have some dedicated Nokia app to realize HDR shots I guess.

To those who aren’t familiar with the term, HDR stands for High Dynamic Range - you'll find more than you need to know over at Wikipedia. In this post you’ll see one shot I’ve already posted (in the post about the French lighthouse) and you will see some shots of some beautiful locations in France I still have to share with you. I just felt like sharing these HDR results first :-)

So I'll just start with the one you've probably already seen, the staircase of the French lighthouse, the Phare de la Coubre from 1906.


Here's another kind of "tunnel" vision, a simple bicycle path in the woods nearby.


Here's a shot I already shared on Twitter, taken in the Citadel of the French isle "Île d'Oléron".


Another shot I made at the old Citadel. I must have moved a bit too much making this shot, I have no other explanation for the purple fringe on the sides, but it adds to the alienating effect of the shot (taken under a old bridge).

This is going to be an interesting future post too I think, about the many long abandoned WW II bunkers in the area, now colorfully painted with grafity.


The last three HDR shots are taken in the ancient, beautiful city of La Rochelle . First a view on part the old Cathedral.


This I think is my favorite shot, for a very personal reason. My father was just as crazy about old books as I am about smartphone photography now, and I feel just so sure he must have visited this place, when even decades ago. It may sound silly, but it was just great to "see him" again there :'-)


And saving the biggest for last: a view from the back of the "Eglise Saint Sauveur".


So far for my French selection of HDR shots captured with the HDR Photo Camera app on the Nokia Lumia 925. In my country it will cost you about €3 and I think they are absolutely worth it (I'm in no way connected to the makers of the app, but you knew that already).

Like I said, you'll see lots more of the French locations presented here, I hope you'll be looking forward to the shots I made there with the Nokia 808 PureView as well.

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