Vertical panorama of the old French lighthouse

During my holiday in France, I learned that a new update of the Nokia Camera Pro app will offer bracketing and "portrait panorama" on the Nokia Lumia 1020. Nevertheless, I'm still hoping for the option to make "vertical panorama" shots with it as well.

I've written about those before, and here's another example of what you can achieve with that "technique". I made this vertical panorama of the old French lighthouse I wrote about more than a week ago ( here). I used the Panorama mode in Camera Lovers Pack on the Nokia 808 PureView - and it really doesn't care in which way you make your panorama :-)

Nokia 808 PureView - Phare de la Coubre - vertical panorama - 642 pixels width PVC

Now you can see it isn't "perfect" - it would have been easy to "clean" the shot, but I'm sharing the result as I got it from the 808 PureView itself (the original is 2349 x 7164 by the way, you'll find it on Flickr).

In this way you'll know what to expect and Nokia has an idea about how to get the software to do even better than this :-) In one of my next posts you'll see another vertical panorama I like a lot.

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