Royan Notre-Dame (another vertical panorama)

Here (at the end of this post) you'll find the other vertical panorama I promised, one shot in the Notre Dame of Royan. But since I was there, of course I made a few more shots of this very impressive example of contemporary architecture. It's far from the Gothic style of cathedrals we're all familiar with.

The old church of Royan was destroyed during the bombardements in january 1945, and the city chose to rebuild it in a much more modern syle. The new church - 45 meters high concrete - was finished in 1958 and classified as a historical monument in 1988. It might not be everyone's style, but it sure is an impressive building. Here are two shots with the Nokia Lumia 925:

Notre Dame de Royan - Nokia Lumia 925 - 1

To get a better impression, here's one shot from the side.

Notre Dame de Royan - Nokia Lumia 925 - 2

Of course, I also made a few shots inside - these are all taken with the Nokia 808 PureView by the way and only resized, not altered in any way.

Notre Dame de Royan - Nokia 808 PureView - 3

The side of the church...

Notre Dame de Royan - Nokia 808 Pureview - 4

Last Supper...

Notre Dame de Royan - Nokia 808 Pureview - 5

And - saving the largest for last - the vertical panorama I promised.

Notre Dame de Royan - Nokia 808 Pureview - 6

Again, it's not "perfect", but I hope it will give you a good impression of the dimensions of the church, and again: I'd love to find this possibility in a future update on the Nokia Camera Pro app in the Lumia 1020 as well...

Want more detail? You'll find all original shots in a dedicated set on Flickr as well.

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