Something like a phenomenon...

This is not really about PureView photography, but about something I witnessed a few days ago. I've been on this planet for decades now and I've never seen anything like this - and you know I have a compulsive desire to share everything I think is special :-)

It was a few days ago in the French sky where a thunderstorm had just passed by. It looked like a bomb had exploded way up there, spreading a big cloud in the form of a mushroom at incredible speed - as you can see I have no way to describe it adequately :-)

I wasn't the only one impresssed with it, many more were making shots at the moment. I should have made a video - I didn't, I tried to capture it with the two PureView devices I had with me (808 and 925). You'll find the shots below.

Phenomena 2 - Nokia 808 PureView full res

This is the panorama shot I made:

Phenomena 3 - Nokia 808 PureView panorama

And here you'll find two shots I captured with the Nokia Lumia 925 and the HDR Photo Camera app...

Phenomena 4 - Nokia Lumia 925 HDR

Here is a HDR result, with which I'm trying to show the energy in that spreading cloud...

Phenomena 5 - Nokia Lumia 925 HDR

Like I said, this is all a bit off-topic (although captured with two Nokia PureView devices). If anyone knows if this phenomenon has a name and what it's called, don't hesitate to let me know... If you'd like one for your desktop, you'll find the originals on Flickr (including a 38MP full res shot from the Nokia 808 PureView).

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