First comparison: Nokia 808 PureView vs Lumia 1020 - several shots in a small harbour

I know I'm in no position to complain at all, but let me start by saying making comparisons like these can be - however much fun to do - a bit frustrating as well.

Only afterwards on my PC I noticed that between changing camera's, the sun has peaked through the clouds, changing the colors of the shots so much I can't compare them anymore - that's the risk of going outside. In another shot it appeared I moved just a little bit using one camera, throwing another lovely comparison down the drain - that's the risk of not using a tripod. Also, I seem to find it quite hard to make the exact same shot with two different devices.

So here's my disclaimer: whatever you'll find faulty in these first shots to compare the Nokia 808 PureView with the Nokia Lumia 1020, is most likely my fault. I'm still getting to know the Lumia 1020 and the Nokia Pro Cam software. So this is a bit of a "quick and dirty" first comparison, leaving all settings on auto on both devices.

Everything on the Nokia 808 PureView was shot in full resolution (34MP and 38MP), and I put the settings in Nokia Pro Cam to save the shots both in 5MP as in 34MP (16:9)  and 38MP (4:3). In this post you will only see the resized full resolution shots of both PureView devices. I will write a seperate post about all settings in Nokia Pro Cam soon.

Looking for a new location to make some different shots (I think I've captured more than enough flowers for a while), I went to a small yaught harbour in Loosdrecht, to capture some small boats (and there was a very old fork lift truck that caught my attention, too).

I present the original shots (unaltered, but resized to fit this site), followed directly by the 640 x 480 crops I made. On Flickr you will find all unedited originals, including the 5MP results from the Nokia Lumia 1020.

Here we go. You'll see the results from the Nokia 808 PureView first.

Well, so far for this first comparison... For me, it's way too early to come to a "definite" conclusion. You'll find the Nokia Lumia 1020 does not always have more oversaturated colors as the Nokia 808 PureView, but in general it tends to be "warmer" - but like I said not always, as you see in the crops. I use the "vivid" setting on the Nokia 808 PureView by the way.

I have just a few other remarks for now.

With the far bigger screen size and brightness, it's so much easier to see what you're getting in your shot with the Nokia Lumia 1020 - it's a joy to work with (same goes for the 920 and 925, but they don't have this gorgeous camerasensor).

I hope Nokia will find a way to make it easier to choose between 4:3 and 16:9 format in the Lumia though. In the 808 PureView you need to tap your screen twice only: menu, aspect ratio. In the Lumia 1020 you'll need four taps: menu, settings, aspect ratio, change. On the other hand, it's very easy to crop your shot on the Lumia 1020 in 1:1, 3:2, 16:9 or 4:3 format.

The settings menu on Nokia Pro Cam is a dream. There is so much more to write about it I will save that for a seperate post. One thing I love about working with Nokia Pro Cam though: when you touch your screen to focus, it will focus but not directly fire the shot, like in the standard Lumia camera application. You can still change your mind about your frame or even "unfocus" by touching the screen once more.

Again: this is just a first comparison so I wouldn't jump to any conclusions if I were you (no doubt some of you will, I've been running this club long enough to know some of the regular guests). I know I won't jump to conclusions anyway: I'm learning to work with this new device and its very elaborate software.

Nevertheless I will tell you already I love Nokia Pro Cam a lot more than Nokia Smart Cam, which allows you to make more "fun shots" but will need very smart timing as well - guess I'm not such a funny guy after all (or my timing sucks :-)

There is more to come, much more, but I want it to be good - better than this comparison to be honest. So I hope you'll be patient with me. You'll find all orignals in a dedicated set on the PureViewClub Photosteam on Flickr. Don't hesitate to let yourself be heard below, I do love to read your thoughts about my first attempts with the Nokia Lumia 1020.

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