The Nokia Lumia 925 in a French aquarium

Taking a break from the comparisons between the two 41MP PureView Nokia cameras, here are a few "under water" shots I took  with the Nokia Lumia 925 in the famous aquarium of La Rochelle in France.

Optical Image Stabilisation really did some great work here I think. I pressed the Nokia Lumia 925 firmly at the glass (also possible since I carry it in a cover from soft plastic) and put the camera setting on "sports", since fish really move too fast to capture them without it.

Of course: no flash - not only is it forbidden, it's not very useful to use flash behind a reflecting glass wall. Since flash was forbidden, I also turned off the focus assist light - not sure if that made it harder for the camera to focus, but I still think I got some pretty decent shots out there.

Here they are, you'll see them as I got them from the camera, I'm pretty sure I can get even more out of the results though.

 As a bonus, here are two shot from the small cinema in this aquarium. The first with the setting still on "sport" (if I remember correctly), the second with the setting on "night mode" (still, no flash) - you've seen the effect before, but this one is particularly striking I think...

And yes, you'll find all originals on Flickr for you to enjoy, edit, crop or just save and choose as desktop :-)

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