Time-lapse from Bangkok - in about 6500 (!) shots from the Nokia 808 PureView

Just a short update about a fascinating time-lapse that was just brought to my attention by its maker, Juha Lappalainen. With 4'09" its'exceptionally long for a time-lapse and I think it's worth your time.

In Bangkok, he has captured a few very remarkable scenes - you'll see them in about 6.500 shots from his Nokia 808 PureView. Don't forget to choose full-HD (1080p) and maximum screensize if your connection is fast enough.

Update: I just saw this time-lapse for the third time and now I know: this is the best Nokia 808 PureView I have ever seen. Gorgeous work. Mind-blowing. This could go on for an hour as far as I'm concerned. I'm sure you'll agree. Enjoy the trip! :-)

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