Amsterdam. Six smartphone cameras and six shots (in different resolutions) - part 1

Would have been a bad day to get mugged, carrying quite a few of the latest smartphone cameras in my jacket. Yesterday afternoon I went to Amsterdam with the Nokia Lumia 1020, Lumia 925, Lumia 920 (on Amber), 808 PureView, Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S4 Zoom. So that's six in total, and from the 808  PureView and Lumia 1020 I used both the "PureView "(5MP) and "high res" resolution - 38MP, since all shots were made in 4:3.

So that's more than fourty shots in my total selection, and you'll understand I won't be able to publish them all in this post... Instead I'll write three posts in which I'll share all results I got from the Nokia Lumia 1020 (being the new kid in town) and compare those with some of the shots I got from the other cameras. Of course, I'll even share a few crops of the originals, all in 640 x 480. With every post, you'll find more of the scenes I captured on Flickr, so you can always have a go at them yourself.

Like I said: all cameras were in 4:3 to get the most out of their sensors. All camera settings were on auto (with the colors of the 808 on "vivid"). The outside light was a bit difficult: brightly lit clowds, so you'll see some burnt skies, I'm sorry. When I'm comparing different cameras I think its fairest to do that with everything on auto, but I'm quite sure you can get a better result from all of them when you take more time to work with the settings.

Nokia Luma 1020 - Amsterdam - 1

I'd like to combine this with what I got from the Nokia 808 PureView (5MP) andthe Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom.

Nokia 808 PureView - Amsterdam - 1

When counting the houses on the left side you'll see the Galaxy S4 Zoom has a wider angle.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom - Amsterdam - 1

And to be honest, of all these three, I like the colors in the Lumia 1020 best... In this case also, it's tempting to compare the crops of both full res originals, so the ones I took with the 38MP resolution. Nokia Lumia 1020 first:

Nokia Lumia 1020 High Res - Amsterdam - 1 - 640 x 480

Next: Nokia 808 PureView

Nokia 808 PureView Full Res - Amsterdam - 1 640 x 480

And this is what you'll get when you crop 640 x 480 from the S4 Zoom - but keep in mind that I didn't use its zoom function! This is a crop from the same 16MP shot - if I would have wanted to capture this detail, of course the result would have been way better using the 10x zoom possibility of the S4 Zoom.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom - Amsterdam - 1 640 x 480

Next: inside of "The Prince", a well-known bar/restaurant at the Prinsengracht in Amsterdam. What made this shot quite difficult is the bright incoming light. I was actually surprised to see all cameras did a pretty good job in showing there's something behind the windows as well.

Nokia Luma 1020 - Amsterdam - 2

To compare, I'll show you both the Lumia 925 and the Lumia 920 (on Amber) - both shooting with Nokia Pro Cam. Lumia 925 first. After that, again you'll see the result from the Galaxy S4 Zoom...

Nokia Luma 925 - Amsterdam - 2

Nokia Luma 920 - Amsterdam - 2

Since it obviously has a wider angle, the Galaxy S4 Zoom shows you more of the bar (again I'm not using its zoom function).

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom - Amsterdam - 2

The scene is darker no doubt, but still true to life and I think it actually handles the windows best. Next: crops from both the 925 and 920 (the Lumia 925 first). This is from their 8.7MP sensor:

Nokia Luma 925 - Amsterdam - 2 - 640 x 480

Nokia Luma 920 - Amsterdam - 2 - 640 x 480

Now the sensor being larger in the S4 Zoom (16MP), you will see less of the shot in a 640 x 480 crop.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom - Amsterdam - 2 640 x 480

I couldn't choose which shot I liked best from the next scene, so I chose both. I'll end this first post with the first from this typical view on Amsterdam. However it proves "Amsterdam is far from finished", it will always be beautiful. Here's a typical house boat on the Prinsengracht canal on a part that's under construction.

The old trees are protected against heavy machinery as you can see, and of course, there's a bike (you'll have a hard time to look anywhere in Amsterdam and not see at least one bike). Again, first the resized version of the 5MP PureView shot from the Lumia 1020:

Nokia Luma 1020 - Amsterdam - 4a

Here's the result I got with the Nokia Lumia 925, followed by the Samsung Galaxy S4 (not the S4 Zoom)

Nokia Luma 925 - Amsterdam - 4a

Samsung Galaxy S4 - Amsterdam - 4a

And to conclude, crops from all three - and as a small hommage to the best means of transport in town, I chose for the bike. All in 640 x 480, but due to the difference in sensor size you will see closer shots. First from the 5MP result of the Lumia 1020.

Nokia Luma 1020 - Amsterdam - 4a - 640 x 480

Next, 640 x 480 from the Lumia 925 (8.7MP):

Nokia Luma 925 - Amsterdam - 4a - 640 x 480

Galaxy S4 (13MP)

Nokia Luma 925 - Amsterdam - 4a - 640 x 480

Enough of the bikes. Here are two 640 x 480 crops from both 38MP shots I got with the Nokia Lumia 1020 and 808 PureView (in that order):

Nokia Lumia 1020 High Res - Amsterdam - 4 640 x 480

Nokia 808 PureView Full Res - Amsterdam - 4a - 640 x 480

Now I'm not sure why the 808 is this sharper in this case, most likely I moved a bit with the 1020 getting the shot... I'll try for a second time in a similar shot from this scene. But that's for next time.

So much for this first post about my afternoon in Amsterdam - already pretty long, don't you think? There are even a few more shots left, and still there is a lot of things I actually forgot to do... Try a scene with all the flashes for instance, or compare the optical zoom on the S4 Zoom with a cropped shot from the Lumia 1020 - stuff like that.

So much still to try out, I don't need to get bored the coming period. Like I promised, you will find all the original shots in a dedicated set on Flickr.

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