Great shots from Egypt, captured by "just an amateur trying to learn"...

Every once in a while I see some examples of mobile photography that really impress me. Yesterday it were the shots from Mohamed Ahmed Saleh - this was his shot entitled Escape that got my attention (click on the shot to open it on 500px)


On 500px I saw it was captured with the Nokia 808 PureView (you'll even see some of the EXIF data there). It made me curious, so I had a look at the rest of his shots on 500px and found a lot more interesting material.

So I contacted Mohamed and asked him if I could share some of his work here at the PureViewClub - and if he could introduce himself. He wrote the following - I think many readers here can relate to it:

"Hi there everyone, my name is Mohamed Ahmed Saleh , I'm 23 years old and I come from the beautiful city Alexandria in Egypt . I don’t like to be called a "photographer", because I am not, I am just an amateur trying to learn - and there still is a lot for me to learn!  I am really blown away by the result from my Nokia 808 PureView. Prior to the 808 I used to have the Nokia N95 8gb, because it was having one of the best cameras when it was released.

The first thing that I look for in any cellphone is the camera, because its my main interest. Somewhere last year I was looking at the Nokia site and I saw a picture of 41 MP . That really got me very interested, so I started to search about the device that made it possible. Checking the image samples and videos,  I was totally amazed by the results, but I couldn’t believe this was possible until I could try it myself . I didn’t regret getting the Nokia 808 PureView at any point,  because it's all I need... It simply is amazing! I hope you will like my photos here at the PureViewClub."

So Mohamed is "just an amateur trying to learn", a lot like myself actually - only more talented (and I'm not being modest here). I will share some of his shots below - in resized versions, clicking on each photo will take you to the original on 500px.

First the shot I saw he took with the Nokia N95 8GB: entitled Etay el baroud (if you hover your mouse over the shots you'll see the titles he gave them)

The other shots I selected are all captured with the Nokia 808 PureView

These are the ones I selected from what Mohamed is offering at 500px, but check it out, there's more and I'm sure the collection will be growing. Additionally, you will find more of his work with the Nokia N95 8GB on Flickr.

I'm glad I could share these shots here and I'm sure this won't be the last we've seen from Mohamed Ahmed Saleh, the young amateur from Alexandria. Don't hesitate to share what you think of his work below!!

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