The App Myth: 60% of all apps are "zombies"

This post is not about mobile photography let alone PureView, but about some interesting other recent news - which certainly has to do with PureView devices. Do you recognize how your Nokia 808 PureView is being laughed at because "Symbian has no apps"? How often did you read your Lumia on Windows Phone 8 "doesn't have enough apps"?

Based on Mobile Testing service Stardust, VentureBeat writes that about 60% of 1.2 million apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone are "zombies". A developers' nightmare: "Sixty percent of the 617,436 apps on Apple’s app store have never been updated and have fewer than 10 reviews. Forty-one percent of the 484,271 apps on Google Play are in the same boat, and an astonishing 69 percent of Windows Phone apps are essentially sitting by the phone, lonely, waiting for the call that will never come."

More interesting numbers from this post: "On average, 2,371 new apps are published each and every day. 47  percent of them are published on Android, while 41 percent are published on iOS, and 12 percent of them are launched on Windows Phone."

Of course, there is no mention of Symbian in this post - the marketplace has been practically abandoned by now. And of course, it's a shame that almost 70% of the apps in the Windows Phone Store seem to be unsuccesful or simply not relevant enough to download or update.

Interesting though, is that according to this analysis,  we can probably neglect 50% of the enormous amount of apps Apple and Google claim to offer - and that's no small number.

Personally, I can't think of one application I use on Android (I don't use iOS) and really miss on Windows Phone 8. But that's just me I guess, I'm not much of an "app addict". Heck, I can even travel for weeks with the Nokia 808 PureView without missing any :-)

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