Changing exposure value in Nokia Pro Cam

So finally, I bought myself a simple tripod and early this morning I found some time to use it. I'm planning a series of articles in which I want to show what the effect is when you change some settings in Nokia Pro Cam - in this case with the Nokia Lumia 1020.

I noticed however, that when you for instance change the ISO settings, the app will immediately choose the best shutter time. And if you fix the shutter time to a certain value (say 1/320), the app will directly change the exposure value when you fool around with the ISO (does this make any sense to you?). I didn't figure out yet how to fix all settings except for the ISO in this app, so all tips are welcome.

The only thing I could change without anything of the other settings jumping up or down, is the exposure value itself. So that's what I did, slowly from -3 to +3 and all stages in between makes for 19 shots in total ((leaving the rest of the settings on auto). This morning I pointed the Lumia 1020 on a tripod to a nice flowering plant in my garden (I don't know the name in English, I'm sure some of you will).

Now what I'm about to share will be no surprise - the shots will go from very dark (-3) to way too light (+3). I thought it would be interesting for you to see all stages in which the lighing changes. When you hover over the shot you'll see the chosen exposure value. It's a huge amounts of shots, you'll see them all after the break... Nokia Lumia 1020 1 -3 Nokia Lumia 1020 2 -2.7 Nokia Lumia 1020 3 -2.3 Nokia Lumia 1020 3 -2 Nokia Lumia 1020 4 -1.7 Nokia Lumia 1020 5 -1.3 Nokia Lumia 1020 6 -1 Nokia Lumia 1020 7 -0.7 Nokia Lumia 1020 8 -0.3 Nokia Lumia 1020 9 0 (auto) Nokia Lumia 1020 10 +0.3 Nokia Lumia 1020 11 +0.7 Nokia Lumia 1020 12 +1 Nokia Lumia 1020 13 +1.3 Nokia Lumia 1020 14 +1.7 Nokia Lumia 1020 15 +2 Nokia Lumia 1020 16 +2.3 Nokia Lumia 1020 17 +2.7 Nokia Lumia 1020 18 +3

Now of course, this was just a very simple test in the morning, in the shadow of my garden. Changing the exposure value can be much more effective when you are somewhere with strong contrasts, as Nokia Pro Cam shows in the tutorial. I'll just share a few screenshots of their examples to complete this post.

wp_ss_20130830_0001 wp_ss_20130830_0004 wp_ss_20130830_0007 wp_ss_20130830_0012 wp_ss_20130830_0015 wp_ss_20130830_0019

Not sure which settings to test next, suggestions are welcome, just as the trick to fix all settings except for ISO, if you know how to :-) I added the 5MP originals on Flickr as well.

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